Amazing apps for your Chromecast device

We are CastApps, a software agency who create applications dedicated to Chromecast and Android TV. 

Our main goal is to make the best of your device, by building a variety of useful/entertaining applications.

Maps on Chromecast


Go whereever you want

With the help of Maps on Chromecast you can wander around the world wherever you want

Just like Maps

The application provides the most functions of Google Maps, offering a fascinating experience

Big screen - awesome experience

Do you need a map to show where were you on your holiday? Are you looking for a place to go with your friends? Put the maps on the TV and everyone in the room can see it.

Clocks on Chromecast


Different clock types

Are you looking for a binary clock or an awesome word clock? Clocks on Chromecast is the best choice for you

Various themes

Display amazing, animated clocks on your TV. You can find multiple themes that fits in your living room

Make it comfortable

Customize your TV with various types of clocks, enjoy the view on the biggest screen in your house

Cast PDF REader


Displaying PDF files on your TV could be tiresome, since there is no dedicated software on the market to solve this problem. Cast PDF Reader is the first and only app, that makes for you possible.

TV Library

Connect to your Android TV or Chromecast device and read your favorite books on the biggest screen of the house.

Automatic save

Cast PDF Reader automatically save the last viewed page when you exit from the app. Continue reading just where you left.

Night theme

Save your eyes with the built-in night theme. Easy to read in a dark environment with inverted colors.

What our clients say

"Beautiful live backgrounds, absolutely amazing"

[ Spring garden on Chromecast ]

I have always wanted an app that I can show people a map on the google cast, when they have gone on holidays or we have gone on holidays. It helps to understand the trip better visually.

[ Maps on Chromecast ]

"This app is exactly what I was looking for! Awesome night feauture too!"

[Cast Pdf Reader ]

"wow, awesome wallpaper!"

[ Winter on Chromecast ]

"A positive experience and a relatively unique Chromecast application. Worth a look if you are curious. I purchased the full ad free version and have no regrets."

John Leslie
[ Clocks on Chromecast ]
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Want to know more ?

All of applications related to CastApps are custom developed softwares that use Google Chromecast API or  Google Maps API and not affiliated with Google LLC, nor with the original Google Maps application.

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